Greater Location Antarctica
Residents Adélie Penguins
Inhabitants Ramón
Adelie Chicas
Other Adélie Penguins
Events N/A
Appearances Happy Feet
"Viva la party!"
―The Amigos
This article is about the location. For the score, see Adelieland.

Adélie-Land is a place where Adélie Penguins collect Lovestones who has the biggest pile in the most eligible mate and it is the home to Lovelace in the film, Happy Feet and the video game Happy Feet: The Videogame.


Happy FeetEdit

Adélie-Land first appears closer when a leopard seal is chasing Mumble. When the ice pops from Mumble escaping from the leopard seals, the Amigos appear to score Mumble and bother the leopard seal in the land.

In a large colony of Adélie penguins, they were walking when they met the Adelie Chicas, they try to impress their moves before walking away and they celebrate by saying "Mambo!".

In the mountains, there were a lot of Adelie penguins while Mumble and the Amigos are dancing to "Candela" as Mumble jumps and fall on the cliff to the silde.



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