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Concept of what the aliens should have look like.

Aliens is the term that the animals use to describe humans.


The Aliens are very nice to the penguins but they don't see it, Mumble was taken by an "Alien" but was brought back with some sort of tracker on his back, he was fine with it, but his parents weren't. The Aliens seem to interact with Mumble, they can reply back to Mumble, every time he dances by dancing back.


Despite the nickname the penguins have given, the aliens look like live-action humans.


  • Actual extra-terrestrial aliens from outer space were meant to be seen at the end of the film originally, and their dialogue and scenes can be read in the original script.
  • The Aliens are not rendered in CGI, they are live. Look closely, and you might think a little like the people are live motion-captured in a CGI film, and they are indeed.


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