Boogie Wonderland
Sung By Brittany Murphy
Recorded By Allee Willis and Jon Lind
Composed By Earth, Wind & Fire
Heartsong Of Gloria
Appears In Happy Feet

Boogie Wonderland is a 1979 hit single by Earth, Wind & Fire featuring The Emotions.


  • This song was covered by Brittany Murphy for the soundtrack in the film Happy Feet.
  • The translation of Raul's Spanish speaking part of this song is: "I am Raul, the coolest penguin, Latino of course, 100% Spanish! My brothers! (Yeah), Later the girl who lights me on fire will call, The party- dance, dance little girl! My heart has dynamite! BOOM!, (Exactly!), You look so beautiful to me baby!"
  • In the trailers, the setting of Boogie Wonderland takes place at sunset, not daytime.