Shane and Darren
Gender Male
Relatives Brother: Shane
Father: Bryan
Appearance Black Eyes: Brown Eyes
Voiced By Oscar Beard

Darren is one of Bryan the Beach Master's pups from Happy Feet Two. He was with Bryan when he falls down the ice crevice and also helps in the elephant seals' efforts of dancing to help free the emperor penguins. He has a brother named Shane.


Happy Feet TwoEdit

In his first appearance, he, his brother Shane, and his father Bryan encounter Mumble, Mumble saves his dad after he is trapped, they thank him. When Mumble and Erik ask Bryan for help and he refuses to, Shane and Darren start to cry, which helps to change Bryan's mind. Near the end of the film, He, Shane and the rest of the elephant seal travel to Emperor-Land and successfully help Mumble, Erik, the Amigos, and the other penguins free the Emperor Penguins by joining in the dancing and singing when Erik starts off "Under Pressure" by Queen.


Darren is a small elephant seal pup that has a look similar to his brother, Shane, and has brown eyes.


  • In the credits, he and Shane are referred as "Weaner Pups".


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