Eggbert the Elder
Char 73494
Gender Male
Relatives The Elders
Appearance Feathers: Black,Eyes: Orange
Voiced By J. Grant Albrecht
Appears In Happy Feet: The Videogame
This article is about the character from Happy Feet: The Videogame. If you looking for the elder from Happy Feet Two, click here.

Eggbert is an elder and a male emperor penguin from Happy Feet: The Videogame.


Happy Feet: The VideogameEdit

He is a minor character at the end of level 6 "Mumble the Outsider", when he reveals to Noah that the offspring of Memphis and Norma Jean is Mumble's parents. He is voiced by J. Grant Albrecht.


  • In Happy Feet Two, there is a character that appear with the same name.


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