Forbidden Shore
Greater Location Antarctica
Residents Humans
Killer Whales
Inhabitants Mumble
Events N/A
Appearances Happy Feet
"Oh look! There's one for everyone."

The Forbidden Shore is a abandoned place that appears in the film, Happy Feet.


Happy FeetEdit

The Forbidden Shore looks to be an abandoned fishing and/or whaling outpost left behind by the AliensMumble and the Amigos were led there by Lovelace after he was asked to show where he found his Talisman. There, they find dumped garbage including many discarded six-pack plastic rings that are identical to Lovelace's Talisman.


  • A huge glacier from the Forbidden Shore appeared in a trailer of Happy Feet Two: The Videogame but it did not appear in the game.
  • The outpost is actually a ghost town called Grytviken, which really was abandoned.
  • The outpost is really on South Georgia, an island in the southern Atlantic Ocean.


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