Adult Gloria's close up in Happy Feet Two

Adult Gloria's close up in Happy Feet

Baby Gloria's close up

Gender Female
Relatives Maurice (father)
Michelle (mother)
Mumble (mate)
Erik (son)
Memphis (father-in-law)
Norma Jean (mother-in-law)
Appearance Feathers: Black
Eyes: Brown
Voiced By Alyssa Shafer (Baby)
Brittany Murphy (Adult in Happy Feet)
Pink (Happy Feet Two)
Appears In Happy Feet
Happy Feet Two

Gloria is a female emperor penguin from the Happy Feet franchise and is known as one of the best females singers. She is the daughter of Maurice and Michelle, the mate of Mumble, and the mother of Erik. She was treated similarly to how Norma Jean was, as all of the males wanted to mate with her. Her heartsong is "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire.


Happy Feet


Gloria's father, Maurice was friends with Memphis. When the eggs began to hatch after the winter storm, both Gloria and her father noticed Mumble's late hatching. After tapping on the egg many times, she helped him break free and called him Mumble. Memphis decided to keep the name and from there, Gloria and Mumble were best friends. She was always quick to come to Mumble's aid when others would tease him for his lack of singing skills, and he always fancied her.

From a young age, her singing skills were noticed and praised by teachers and peers.


As she grew older, more and more males began fighting for her attention, the two main contenders being Mumble and Seymour. She truly began to notice Mumble when he went through great difficulty fighting a skua for fish. Although she didn't really show signs of minding Mumble's lack of singing capabilities, at their graduation (where she sang "Somebody to Love" by Queen) when Mumble was singing along, she kindly mentioned for him to stop.

When Mumble left after being exiled by the Elders to find out what happened to the fish, Gloria decided to join him. However, presumably to prevent her from being harmed, Mumble insulted her singing so she wouldn't come. While Mumble was gone, she and Seymour began to teach singing to young penguins.

She joined into the final number, acting as one of the main vocalists. Afterwards, Mumble and Gloria mated and had a child named Erik.

Happy Feet Two

The movie starts out as when Gloria is singing, then Mumble comes, when Gloria and Mumble see Erik by himself not dancing, Gloria says she is going to talk to him but Mumble said he would. Mumble teaches his son to try to tap dance, and Erik almost does it when he falls into the ice. Bo says it isn't funny (just like Gloria did) and Atticus told them that it was not funny. Erik, Bo, and Atticus go to the hole and be by themselves. Then when Mumble was going to check on them that they were gone.

Later when the Doomberg arrived blocking Emperor-Land, she was one of the trapped emperor penguins when Mumble arrived with his son Erik to see what's happening. When Erik was in distress of the disaster, she sends Mumble off to catch some more fish. Leaving Erik with his mother along with Atticus for some mother love. She sings a song "Bridge of Light" to calm him down.

The next morning, a huge flock of Skuas attack Emperor Land. She tells Erik and Atticus to take cover. When the Boss Skua tries to take and fly off with one of her class students she smacks him away. Exclaims him to pick on someone his own size and calling him creep.


As a Chick

As a chick, not much distinguished her from the other chicks in Emperor-Land. She was a light grey, fuzzy, with brown eyes, and a dark grey patch on her chest.

As an Adult

Gloria has a white underside with a yellow patch on her chest, like other female Emperor Penguins. The feathers on her head is black, and some feathers are coloured indigo. Also has brown eyes.

In Happy Feet Two, her physical appearance is different than the first film. Her back and tail feathers are slightly brighter. As well, the yellow patch changed to gold, but her yellow color is still visible, only slightly.


Gloria is generally soft-spoken, patient, understandable, and warmhearted. She is kind and pleasant and doesn't tolerate Mumble or anyone else being teased. This is just one more similarity to Norma Jean. Gloria isn't known to get upset, but she is kind of proud and got very mad when her singing was insulted. This could significate a hint of vanity in her.



In the first film, she and Mumble are very close friends. She helped him to break his eggshell by pecking it, and also, she was the one who named him. She did not seem to care about Mumble's lack of Heartsong; she treated him like any other penguin, although she didn't seem to consider him as more than a friend. When Mumble tried to sing with her in the graduation party (and failed horribly), she told him politely to just listen. She was a bit embarrassed when Mumble tried to court her with his Happy Feet when she was singing her Heartsong during the mating season, but then she realized that this tapping fitted perfectly with her song and chose him as a mate. unfortunately, Mumble was banished after this, so they weren't able to consummate their union. Gloria attempted to follow Mumble, telling him that she wanted to be with him and that she didn't need an egg to be happy, she only needed him; but Mumble drove her away by insulting her singing, presumably because he was concerned about her safety. Little is known about Gloria's life during the months that Mumble was in the zoo, but judging by her reaction when she saw Mumble and her commentaries, it is probable that she tried to move on from Mumble and tried to find another mate, but she failed. Instead she became a school teacher, with Seymour as her work mate. Mumble confused Gloria and Seymour's students with offspring of them (this would be biologically impossible, since emperor penguins can only have one or, in rare cases, two chicks per season and Gloria's students were like 20), but Gloria explained to Mumble that they were their students. After the Aliens, brought by Mumble, visit Emperor-Land and stopped taking the fish, Mumble and Gloria are finally allowed to be together.

In Happy Feet Two, Mumble and Gloria are deeply in love and had a happy life parting with their fellows penguins (Mumble dancing and Gloria singing). Everyone had accepted Mumble's dancing nature, which is now part of their lives. Also, it is revealed that Mumble and Gloria had mated and had a chick named Erik. Gloria is very close to her chick. However, Mumble isn't so much, but Gloria trusts he is a great father and that he is only nervous and a bit uncomfortable with fatherhood.


Gloria is a very loving mother who cares for her chick Erik. As well as Mumble, she cares a lot of her child; but unlike him, she always tries to take things with a relatively calm and think twice before speaking or acting. Gloria was the first one in noticing that Erik wasn't exactly enjoying the party at the begining of the film and she wanted to speak with him about it, but Mumble asked her to let him try and she agreed. After Erik's accident, she hurried to help him to get his head of of the snow. She was trapped in Emperor-Land after the Doomberg blocked the only entrance to the territory. Fortunately, this did not prevent Gloria from giving Erik her love when she felt he needed it (for example, by singing "Bridge of Light" after he argued with Mumble). At the film's climax, Gloria joined to Erik to sing "Under Pressure."


Voice Actors


  • In the draft, Gloria is called Ella.
  • In the original script for the first film, an egg rests on Mumble's feet while Gloria goes off with the other females to feed in the ocean, just like Memphis and Norma Jean did in the beginning.
Murphy7 2006 1547061i

Brittany Murphy recording her voice as Gloria.


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