Happy Feet Two the video game poster

PAL region cover art for Xbox 360

Happy Feet Two: The Video Game is a game based on the movie, Happy Feet Two developed by KMM Games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. WayForward Technologies also developed the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS versions.

In the console versions, you can play as Mumble and Ramón. In the Nintendo 3DS and DS versions, you can only play as Mumble, but you get three helpers - Erik, Atticus and Bo. There are racing games, adventures, and more.



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The Soundtrack in Happy Feet Two: The Video Game, can be found in the Happy Feet Two soundtrack, in the deluxe edition starting by Ozomatli. These songs from the soundtrack are:


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Emperor LandEdit

  • Level 1 (3DS/DS: 1-1 Emperor Land)
  • Level 2 (3DS/DS: 1-2 Swimming Lessons)
  • Level 3 (3DS/DS: 1-3 Pillar Panic)
  • Level 4 (3DS/DS: 1-4 Adelie Land)
  • Level 6 (3DS/DS: 2-1 Weddel Seal Bluffs)
  • Level 7 (3DS/DS: 2-2 Steady Climb)
  • Level 8 (3DS/DS: 2-3 Skua Cave Escape)
  • Level 9 (3DS/DS: 2-4 Slide Mountain)
  • Level 11 (3DS/DS: 3-1 Indigo Cave)
  • Level 12 (3DS/DS: 3-2 Ice Block Rock)
  • Level 13 (3DS/DS: 3-3 Cave Diving)
  • Level 14 (3DS/DS: 3-4 Slippery Tunnel)
  • Level 16 (3DS/DS: 4-1 Rusty Graveyard)
  • Level 17 (3DS/DS: 4-2 Ship Climb)
  • Level 18 (3DS/DS: 4-3 Nooks and Crannies)
  • Level 19 (3DS/DS: 4-4 Boat Slope)
  • Level 21 (3DS/DS: 5-1 Aurora Explorer)
  • Level 22 (3DS/DS: 5-2 Beachy Bergs)
  • Level 23 (3DS/DS: 5-3 Iceberg Slope)
  • Level 24 (3DS/DS: 5-4 Floating Follies)
  • Level 26 (3DS/DS: 6-1 Leaping Leopards)
  • Level 27 (3DS/DS: 6-2 Icy Descent)
  • Level 28 (3DS/DS: 6-3 Melting Caverns)
  • Level 29 (3DS/DS: 6-4 Dangerous Slide)


Console VersionEdit

3DS/DS VersionEdit

  • Ramon's Amigos (Stage 5 or 1-5)
  • Brian the Beachmaster (Stage 10 or 2-5)
  • The Skua Trio (Stage 15 or 3-5)
  • The Killer Whale (Stage 20 or 4-5)
  • The Giant Squid (Stage 25 or 5-5)
  • The Doomberg Rescue (Stage 30 or 6-5)


  • Bryan's appearance and role in this game is similar than his movie look in Happy Feet Two where he is all grumpy.
  • In the E3 reveal trailer, clips from the first Happy Feet movie appear during the song "Flip Flap".
  • Atticus and Boadicea are absent in the console versions but they are playable characters in the Nintendo DS and 3DS versions.
  • This is the second game in the series that emperor penguins appear as enemies. The first being Happy Feet (mobile).
  • At the ending cutscene of Level 54 when Bryan says "That'll do, penguin. That'll do." is a reference to the 1995 film Babe, another film directed by George Miller.



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