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The Great 'Guin
The Great 'Guin is the emperor penguins’ deity, a benevolent god who is said by Noah to "...put songs in our hearts and fish in our bellies!" The Great 'Guin is mentioned in the movie Happy Feet. Noah and the Elders serve as a clergy to the Great ‘Guin, implicitly knowledgeable of his will and his demands. Wielding this power ruthlessly, the Elders determine that Mumble’s “happy feet” and “pagan ways” have angered the Great ‘Guin, who is withholding the penguins’ food supply as punishment. They subsequently ban the stubborn and doubtful Mumble, who later determines that it is not the Great ‘Guin, but the “aliens” (also known as humans) that are overfishing and depleting the penguins’ food supply by drastic levels.
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