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Land of the Elephant Seals is the twenty-seventh level of Happy Feet: The Videogame. The level type of this game is "Collection".


As their journey continues through the frozen frontiers. Guided by the sights...the sounds...and the smells, they found their way. They talked with two elephant seals. Mumble asked if they seen some aliens, but there too hungry to think. Mumble asked some help with food. The Elephant Seals request Mumble to bring them back enough squid and they will tell exactly where to find the aliens. Mumble agreed to be back with enough squid to fill those bellies.

After completing the level, the elephant seals tell them the directions "Go East, to the Forbidden Shore, when you see the Annilhilator, the one taking away all the fish, follow it."


  • Gold: 60
  • Silver: 50
  • Bronze: 40



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