Leopard Seal
Leopard Seal water close up
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Black Eyes: Red Eyes
Voiced By Roger Rose
Appears In Happy Feet
"Remember dumplings, I know where you live."
―Leopard Seal
This article is about the character. For the seal, see Leopard Seal.

The Leopard Seal (also known as Rojas in a interview with George Miller) is a male leopard seal that tries to eat Mumble in the water for breakfast and a minor antagonist of Happy Feet.


He has numerous scars on his face, the most noticeable being a V-shaped scar, and red eyes.


Happy FeetEdit

"Come here, sausage. l take you with ketchup."
―Leopard Seal

In Happy Feet, he ambushes the main character, Mumble, in the hopes of a breakfast meal. He rips some feathers off the penguin's tail, but does no more damage. A seal of few words, he only said two lines when he was land-bound. Enraged by the teasing Adélie Amigos, he tries repeated attempts to lash out at them. But he gives up and returns to the sea to find an easier meal, though he did imply another attack with the line: "Remember dumplings, I know where you live." Despite that, he is not seen in the rest of the film.

Video GamesEdit

Happy Feet: The VideogameEdit

He also appears as a boss in Happy Feet: The Videogame.



  • In Happy Feet Two when the Doomberg is making sounds, one of the leopard seals might be similar to him. During the chase, the leopard seal chases Mumble just like he did in the first place. He has no lines like he did in the original film though and voiced by Lee Perry who voiced many characters in the franchise like one of the elders or Eggbert.
  • In an interview with George Miller, the leopard seal's name could possibly be "Rojas" but still remains to be confirmed like Boss Skua.
  • He implied with another attack, as he abandoned Mumble to hang out with the Adelie Amigos, but is not seen in the rest of the film. Because of this, he probably might have been attacked himself by a killer whale.


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