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Here is a list of adult jokes that are hidden references that are placed into a Happy Feet movie that an adolescent would not understand.

Happy FeetEdit

Norma Jean Feeding Mumble Edit

When Mumbles mom (Norma Jean) was feeding him, she gags and Memphis says, "I love it when she does that"...

Most baby penguins get food from their parents in real life.

Mumble and Gloria Edit

When Gloria and Mumble slide on the ice, they fell into several sex positions.

The long Trip For Fish Edit

11 minutes into the movie, Norma Jean sees Memphis, after calling out his name, Memphis yells "momma" and Norma Jean calls back with "daddy."

The Songs at the Beginning Edit

When Norma Jean was singing her heart song, there are a couple of peguins in the background singing, a parody of the song "let's talk about sex" but instead singing "let's talk about eggs, let's talk about you and me."

Ramon Singing About Butts Edit

When Gloria walks away from mumble and the amigos, Ramon sings "I like big tails and I can't deny" which is a parody of the song "Baby Got Back".

Mumble’s Feet Edit

When the elder penguins confront Mumble about his dancing, his dad says, “We have to stop all this freakiness with the feet!”

Gloria's Breasts Edit

When Gloria becomes an adult, she is shown with noticeably large breasts throughout the rest of the film.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

BO Fluffy Back Edit

In the opening medley when Atticus was finished a rap, Bo and the backup singing baby penguins do their version of the song sexy back called fluffy back.

Sven FlyingEdit

Also, when Sven sometimes flew hiding away. He can say "Oh, crap"