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Char 63487
Gender Male
Relatives Sister: Unknown
Appearance Black Eyes: Orange Eyes
Voiced By Carlos Alazraqui
Appears In Happy Feet
Happy Feet Two
"Watch and learn tallboy."

Nestor is a character from the Happy Feet franchise. He is the tallest adélie penguin and second member of the group "The Amigos". He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. He is one of the tertiary antagonists of Happy Feet and a minor antagonist in Happy Feet Two.


Happy FeetEdit

In Happy Feet, Nestor first appeared with Ramón, Raul, Rinaldo and Lombardo when they first met Mumble after a leopard seal chase.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

In Happy Feet Two, Nestor first appeared with Rinaldo, Raul and Lombardo when they meet Ramón along with the kids, Erik, Bo and Atticus.


Nestor is the tallest penguin in Adélie-Land. But, one of the more mature penguins in a bunch of guys, who wouldn't be the same if they didn't have each other. He is always, along with the others, trying to stop Ramón from running his beak and insulting others.


Nestor has a tall and spiky piece of feathers which is black and blue and also has orange eyes.


  • He also has a sister, mentioned in the video game for the GBA.


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