Researchers Aurora is a large boat where Sven was in when he is on a small iceberg. It appears in the film, Happy Feet Two during the song "The Mighty Sven".


Happy Feet TwoEdit

In Happy Feet Two in the song "The Mighty Sven", Sven was on a smaller chunk of ice, floating in the water and unconcious to a large boat titled "Researchers Aurora". It is more than likely to belong to the Aurora Research Institue. The Institute is a division of the Aurora College, who have offices in the North West Territories in Canada and other arctic regions. (However this doesn't explain how a similar boat came to be in Antarctica, and this also doesn't explain why the boat was titled in Russian.) The humans try to get him back into shape, but Lovelace was stuck in the oil spill and soon joins him after being saved by the humans. On the deck when Sven is with Lovelace, Sven climbs some boxes to see the humans cooking, stuffing, and eating chicken in their mess hall, thinking that they might become food too, so he flies south to the Adélie penguin colony with Lovelace.

When the ship returned on the next day, Sven think that the aliens are gonna get him so he flys away when Lovelace with the help of the little penguins push him to the water and get help from the aliens by rocking with a electric guitar. 


  • In the movie, the boat was titled in Russian which says "Исследователи Аврора". But if you go on Google Translate, the name will be revealed as "Researchers Aurora".


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