Strike - Magellanic penguin looking at Little penguin

Strike! is an unreleased short film made during Happy Feet Two written and directed by Damien Schneider. The unofficial short can also been seen in one of the showreels in Damien Schneider's Vimeo "Showreel 2013 - Damien Schneider".



Five penguins including four magellanic penguins and one little penguin are living in Antarctica. A little penguin hugs a magellanic penguin, after doing it, the little penguin move away from them and move to another side.

The rest of the plot is unseen.


  • This is the third Happy Feet short to be made after A Happy Feet Moment and Mumble Meets a Blue Whale that was released on the special features of the Happy Feet movie on DVD.
  • This is the second short that was unreleased. The first being Mumble Meets a Blue Whale, a deleted scene short from Happy Feet.
  • This is the second time to have only one penguin with a different species. The first two were Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two with Lovelace as the only rockhopper penguin.
  • There is only one little penguin appearing in this short.
  • The rest of the plot is unknown since it was never released.
  • The short was scrapped and unreleased in the bonus features of the Happy Feet Two movie on DVD.


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