"If you want it, you must will it, if you will it, it will be yours."
Not to be confused with Sven.

Sventhink is a philosophy phrase used by Sven to think of something. It makes an appearance from Happy Feet Two. It is used when any penguin can use it to think of something if there is a problem or something that they wanted.


Happy Feet Two Edit
After singing the song "The Mighty Sven," Sven stood on a female adelie penguin's head to teach Ramón to use Sventhink. When the Amigos and Sven watch Ramón close his eyes to think, Sven asks him a few questions in which he describes his imaginings. The group of Adelies begin to chant "feel it!" As Sven tells Ramón to open his eyes, he first sees Mumble, though he is quickly brought to the ground by security. When this happens, Ramón sees Carmen, who he immediately falls in love with. Throughout the film, Erik believes closes his eyes, as Sven had instructed, in attempts to use Sventhink. Eventually, Sven tells the truth of how he flies, as he is a puffin, and Erik seems to lose faith that Sventhink works the way he thought it would.

Characters that used SventhinkEdit

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