"Tappin' to Freedom" is an instrumental score from Happy Feet Two.


Composed by John Powell, "Tappin' to Freedom" is an instrumental score that appears in Happy Feet Two (soundtrack).

Happy Feet TwoEdit

The score plays when Mumble and the penguins are tap dancing in the snow.

This score played again when the emperor penguins are leaving Emperor-Land and getting off the Doomberg to be reunite with their families. As Mumble and Erik meet Gloria, they hugged as the movie ends.


  • This score also appeared in the credits.
      Plus at the very end of the credits, we see the background usually reserved for Porky Pig in the Looney Toon cartoons. Instead of Porky, it's Sven, who says, "Ja, the Svend", as the words The Svend appears in script beneath him.


Happy Feet Two OST - 2305:52

Happy Feet Two OST - 23. Tappin' To Freedom

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