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The Elders
Notification Noah






Emperor Penguin


Noah the Elder



Voiced by

Alan Shearman, Larry Moss, Peter Caroll, and Lee Perry

The Elders are the oldest Emperor Penguins like Noah the Elder and govern the emperor nation, with Noah being there leader from the Happy Feet franchise. They are voiced by Alan Shearman, Larry Moss, Peter Caroll, and Lee Perry.


Happy FeetEdit

The Elders are the anti heroes for most of the Happy Feet movie, then start to succumb to dancing when the humans come. Normally, they are strong and firm but they can also be jolly and laughing.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

They also return in Happy Feet Two as they don't appear that much like Noah the Elder. At night, the Elders are seen with Memphis and Norma Jean about the 'Berg of Doom and later seen in "Bridge of Light". During the skua attack in the next morning, the Elders are seen hitting the skuas, and then Noah moved all the skuas out of his glacier to say something.


They look a lot like Noah the Elder without his hunched back and length.


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