The Mighty Sven is a song from Happy Feet Two sung by Lovelace (Robin Williams), Sven (Hank Azaria), and the chorus of Adelie-Land. It is about Sven's past when he was the last of a noble penguin race and sent over to a boat titled "Researchers Aurora".

Lyrics Edit


Crowd: Erik


Erik Erik, Erik




Lovelace: He was the last of a

noble penguin race

Whose world collapsed

at a rapid pace

Sven: The power to fly

was my saving grace

Crowd: The Mighty Sven

Lovelace: "Papa Ooh Mow Mow"

From his pretty lips

With his stylish swoops

And his triple flips

Sven: I alone escaped the apocalypse

Crowd: The Mighty Sven

Lovelace: He journeyed

far without a rest

Sven: Those fightin' titans

Were a heck of a test

Lovelace: But even they couldn't

take him down

'Cause none could match The

arts and gams of Sven

Erik: Sven

Crowd: Arts and game

Arts and game

Lovelace: He met the aliens

who ruled the seas

They took one look at him

And fell to their knees

They restored him

They adored him

And they more him

Then destiny showed its...

{starts crying}

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sven: Oh, it's okey-dokey. Don't keep it inside.

Erik: Yeah, it's okey-dokey.

Crowd: Let it out

Sing it out

Lovelace: Then destiny showed

its kindest face

When I was lost in

the darkest place

But until I drew my final breath

He delivered me

From the thick black death

Bathed and fluffed All

pleasures bestowed

I didn't want to end it

They covered me in a

protective robe

There I stood before him


Erik and crowd: Sven! Sven! Sven!

{guitar solo}

Lovelace: As I was

learning the kids show speak

Sven had a higher truth to seek

Who knows what he saw

In that music light?


Sven: 'I've seen our future.'

Lovelace: 'What?'

Sven: 'Ja, it's calling to me.'

Lovelace: 'Yeah?'

Sven: 'It says "Sven. Sven, go that way! Quickly!"'

Lovelace: 'I'm with you!'

The Mighty Sven

Oh, my sweet eyes.

He flies!

Crowd: The Mighty Sven

Lovelace: And so he came

to this far, far shore

To shine his gifts upon us all

Crowd: Let it go, let it go

Let it go Let it go

Sven: On that day, I took a vow

I, Sven, promises to use my

powers Only for good-y

Crowd: Good-y, good-y

Sven: And I dedicate full-time...

to the createment

of a new Superpeg Land!


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