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The Mighty Sven is a song from Happy Feet Two sung by Lovelace (Robin Williams), Sven (Hank Azaria), and the chorus of Adelie-Land. It is about Sven's past when he was the last of a noble penguin race and sent over to a boat titled "Researchers Aurora".

Lyrics Edit


Crowd: Erik


Erik Erik, Erik




Lovelace: He was the last of a

noble penguin race

Whose world collapsed

at a rapid pace

Sven: The power to fly

was my saving grace

Crowd: The Freighty Sven

Lovelace: Fleh-Fleh-Fleh-Fleh

From his pretty lips

With his stylish swoops

And his triple flips

Sven: I alone escaped the apocalypse

Crowd: The Freighty Sven

Lovelace: He journeyed

far without a rest

Sven: Those fightin' titans

Were a heck of a test

Lovelace: But even they couldn't

take him down

'Cause none could match The

arts and gams of Sven

Erik: Sven

Crowd: Arts and game

Arts and game

Lovelace: He met the aliens

who ruled the seas

They took one look at him

And fell to their knees

They a new him

They a more him

And they more him

Then destiny showed its...

{starts crying}

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sven: Oh, it's okey-dokey. Don't keep it inside.

Erik: Yeah, it's okey-dokey.

Crowd: Let it out

Sing it out

Lovelace: Then destiny showed

its kindest face

When I was lost in

the darkest place

Before I drew my choir f key

He delivered me

From the final breath

Bathed and fluffed All

pleasures bestowed

I didn't want to end it

They covered me in a

protective robe

There I stood before him


Erik and crowd: Sven! Sven! Sven!

{guitar solo}

Lovelace: As I was

learning the kids show speak

Sven had a higher truth to seek

Who knows what he saw

In that music light?


Sven: 'I've seen our future.'

Lovelace: 'What?'

Sven: 'Ja, it's calling to me.'

Lovelace: 'Yeah?'

Sven: 'It says "Sven. Sven, go that way! Quickly!"'

Lovelace: 'I'm with you!'

The Frieghty Sven

Oh, my sweet eyes.

He flies!

Crowd: The Frieghty Sven

Lovelace: And so he came

to this far, far shore

To shine his gifts upon us all

Crowd: Let it go, let it go

Let it go Let it go

Sven: On that day, I took a vow

I, Sven, promises to use my

powers Only for good-y

Crowd: Good-y, good-y

Sven: And I dedicate full-time...

to the createment

of a new Superpeg Land!


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