The Mighty Sven is a song from Happy Feet Two sung by Lovelace (Robin Williams), Sven (Hank Azaria), and the chorus of Adelie-Land. It is about Sven's past when he was the last of a noble penguin race and sent over to a boat titled "Researchers Aurora".

Lyrics Edit


Lovelace: Eaaaarrriiik!

Crowd/Lovelace: Ha! Heh! Ha!/Eaaaaarriik! Oohhhhh, Eaaaarik! OHHHHHH, Eaaaarik!

Earrrrikkk! (Oooooh!)

Eaaarrriiiiikkk! (Ohhhhh!)

Eaaarriiik! Eaarik! Eaarriik! (Ohhhoohhh!)


Lovelace: He was the last of a noble Penguin race, whose world collapsed at a rapid pace!

Sven: The power to fly was my saving grace!

Crowd: The Miiiggghhhtty Sven!

Lovelace: "Papa Oom Mow Mow." From his pretty lips, with his stylish swoops, and his triple flips!

Sven: I alone escaped the apocalypse!

Crowd: The Mightttyyyyy Sven!

Lovelace: He journeyed far without a rest! (Boom-Boom-Boom.)

Sven: Those fighting Titans were a heckuva test!

Lovelace: But even they couldn't take him down, 'cause none could match, the guts and grit of Svennnnn!

Crowd: Guts and grit! Guts and grit!

Lovelace: He met the aliens who ruled the seas! They took one look at him and fell to their knees!

They restored him... (Yeah!)

They adorned him... (Yeah!)

And they addooorrreeeed hiiiiim!

Then destiny showed its...

{starts crying}

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sven: Oh, it's okey-dokey. Don't keep it inside.

Crowd: Let it out... Bring it out.... Siiiingggg iitttt out!

Lovelace: Then destiny showed it's kindest face. When I was lost, in the darkest place. Before I drew my final breath... he delivered me, from the thick, black, deaaaattthhh!

Bathed and fluffed, all pleasures bestowed! I didn't want to end it! They covered me in a protective robe! There I stood... before himmm... (Mighty Svennnnn!) Resplendentttt!


{Guitar solo}

Lovelace: As I was learning the alien speak! Sven had a higher truth to seek... who knows what he saw... in that mystic light....?


Lovelace: 'Svensei!'

Sven: 'I've seen our future.'

Lovelace: 'What?'

Sven: 'Ja, it's calling to me.'

Lovelace: 'Yeah?'

Sven: 'It says "Sven. Sven, go that way! Quickly!"'

Lovelace: 'I'm with you!'

Crowd: The Mighty Sven!

Lovelace: Oh, my sweet eyes.

He flies!

Crowd: The Mighhtttyyyy Sven!

Lovelace: And so he came to this far, far shore... to shine his gifts upon us all.

Crowd: Let it out! Let it out! Let it out, let it out!

Sven: On that day, I took a vow, I, Sven, promises to use my powers only for goodd-y!

Crowd: Good-y! Good-y!

Sven: And I dedicate full time, to the createment' of a new Adélie Land!