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  • Dual Energon

    Hello Guys! I am Dual Energon, and I am just here to say: How come we contribute a lot to this wiki, but we don't interact with each other?

    Why don't we start using the chat system more often?

    And why not also comment on more pages?

    And also message each other on our talk pages?

    We should be interacting more with each other, bloggers! But hey, as a famous person said: "It takes just one drop of water to start a waterfall."

    So I reach out to our leader, NewMarioFan65, to help me encourage you guys to start interacting with each other.

    I think I've already posted a message on "Chat", so let's get interacting, bloggers!

    Bonus Picture:

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  • Dual Energon

    Well everyone, I'm pretty sure this was just recent, but today I just joined this Wiki, today I just added pictures of a completeley molted Mumble, and today (I presume) most of you found out that Mumble was originally going to look fully adult by the climax of the first movie.

    And I've still got more pictures and info on Adult Mumble to add! So just leave it to me folks, I'll sort it out!

    For now just enjoy these and comment to tell me what you think of Adult Mumble! Ain't he cool when he's looking all fully-fledged and grown-up?!

    The Pictures:


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