Hello guys, remember on the past months where one of your favorite articles got featured? Now, a new template was made is "FAP" which stands for "Featured Article Previously". Now all of the pages that were featured in the past can be a featured article again but now, if a article got featured in the home page, it will never be featured again as it already happen.

Now, the same as the fanon wiki, they will have their article featured as this month or next month, but, YOU MUST HAVE A PICTURE OF YOUR CHARACTER OR SOMETHING ELSE BEFORE SOMEONE LOOK AT YOUR PAGE!

Now, here are the samples: We Got It!

This article is featured on the home page. There's a page named NewMarioFan65/Something new is here on the Wiki. It was used to be a featured article a long time.

This article was previously featured on the home page a long time.

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